Paradise Tree Farm
Grand Fir

The grand fir tree continues to be the most popular tree for Christmas in our area. Its dark green color and fragrant needles are the main reasons people cite for choosing a grand.
Colorado Spruce

This species may be the "Grand Dame" of nursery stock, but  they are popular as Christmas trees also.
Christmas trees are  hand selected, cut and tied into a tight bundle with baling string to protect the branches and provide easier handling. All of our trees have been basal pruned to give the customer a nice "handle" at the trunk. Christmas tree prices are FOB at the farm.

Concolor Fir

As Christmas trees, Concolor firs are open enough for ornaments and have strong branches. The blueish-green color also provides for variety. 
Concolor fir trees are excellent keepers and once a customer chooses a concolor, they often come back for another one!
SubAlpine Fir

Corkbark SubAlpine Fir make excellent Christmas trees. Their openess delight people who like to display their ornaments and their keepability is unsurpassed!

Christmas Trees