Concolor Fir

We have a large selection of concolor fir trees which are native to the Rocky Mountain States.  As nursery stock, they transplant well and are chosen for their long needles and beautiful color.
SubAlpine Fir

Native to the higher elevations in the southwestern United States, corkbark subalpine fir trees are wonderful as nursery stock. Blue upturned needles contrast with a white barked trunk. They make a beautiful addition to any landscape.
Paradise Tree Farm
Nursery Stock  is harvested in the spring. Trees are dug, balled, burlapped, and placed in wire baskets. Customers have the option of buying trees in the field and conducting their own harvest, or purchasing them on the truck, (FOB).

Colorado Spruce

This species is the "Grand Dame" of nursery stock. Known for their beautiful shape, sturdy branches, and prickly needles, they continue to be in high demand for landscaping.
Nursery Stock